Media start to talk about about this party (previous post HERE), we got details:


- The party is cartoon-themed, before I thought that people were supposed to do a "Jolin cosplay", but actually it's not that at all. To be admitted into the party you have to be dressed as a cartoon character. Jolin will choose the 10 people who have the better outfit & they'll have the opportunity to take a picture with her. Jolin will be dressed as an Angry Bird.

-Jolin will sing 20 songs, but not hers. 3 of them have been revealed: Karen Mok 忽然之间 (Hu Ran Zhi Jian)Fish Leong 可惜不是你 (Ke Xi Bu Shi Ni)Cheer Chen 还是会寂寞 (Hai Shi Hui Ji Mo). They are supposed to be Jolin's favorites. She might sing them in Taiwanese.

-People are allowed to take pictures but not videos.