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21 août 2014

[CF] Hydron 2014

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19 août 2014

Jolin at adidas TW press conference in Taipei

It was yesterday at an adidas store on Zhongxiao Road!

News report

Some pictures:


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17 août 2014

Jolin at 神魔之塔 Tower of Saviors concert + album release for November!

Jolin confirmed yesterday a November release for the new album, and revealed that a new song will be released in October.

As for the concert, she performed 大藝術家 The Great Artist, 詩人漫步 Wandering Poet, 天空 Sky, 舞孃 Dancing Diva and 愛無赦 Bravo lover!


大藝術家 The Great Artist

詩人漫步 Wandering Poet

天空 Sky 

舞孃 Dancing Diva

愛無赦 Bravo lover

Some pictures:


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16 août 2014

Jolin attends Prader-Willi Syndrome Association charity gala

It was yesterday, Jolin performed 倒带 Rewind!



Some pictures:


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10 août 2014

Jolin at Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival!

It was yesterday in Hsinchu! Following Kaohsiung's gas explosion incident, Jolin decided to change her setlist the day before the Festival.

She performed six songs: 大藝術家 The Great Artist, Dr. Jolin台灣心跳聲 Heartbeat of Taiwan, 天空 Sky媽媽請你也保重 Mom Please Take Care of Yourself Well (Taiwanese) and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set.

大藝術家 The Great Artist + Dr. Jolin

台灣心跳聲 Heartbeat of Taiwan

天空 Sky + 媽媽請你也保重 Mom Please Take Care of Yourself Well (Taiwanese) + 日不落 Sun Will Never Set

Some pictures!


07 août 2014

adidas TW: new pics & videos


Making 30s version

Making 60s version

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06 août 2014

Send a birthday card to Jolin!

Her fanclub is having a special project this year. They are preparing a gift for Jolin and they need our help for the birthday card part!

All birthday cards will be given personally to Jolin.


- Anyone can send a card
- Very important: card dimensions


- Don't forget to add your name on the front and the country/place you're from
- They only accept handmade cards, not gifts
- You can use the full card or fold it, even make some kind of 3D design, but you have to remember that they will create a unified card. So they won't accept cards thicker than 2 cm.

-> Date: From August 6th to August 27th
-> Mailing Address for International Fans: 
Taipei County 24199
Taiwan (R.O.C)
- > Recipient for Ordinary Mail: 蔡依林國際歌友會 收 / Jolin Fans Club
-> Recipient for Registered Mail: 賴彥廷 先生 ( = Mr. Lai Yanting)

More info: 

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05 août 2014

MV shooting for a song called Phone Star (temporary title)!

Last week Jolin uploaded two pics from the shooting of a new MV and two more have been disclosed yesterday. The song has been given the codename "Phone Star" by fans, you'll understand why when you'll see the pictures:


Basically we don't have much info about it yet: it's for the upcoming album, but we don't know its title or if it's the title song.

Jolin's new album will be released in October.

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03 août 2014

Jolin at concert in Anshun

It was on August 1st, she performed Dr. Jolin, 倒帶 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set!


Dr. Jolin


倒帶 Rewind


日不落 Sun Will Never Set


Some pictures:


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20 juillet 2014

Jolin at 7-11 Beer Festival in Kaohsiung

She sang four songs yesterday: 大藝術家 The Great Artist, 倒帶 Rewind, 舞孃 Dancing Diva and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set!

Full performance


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