Yesterday in 100%Entertainment, they aired a news report about yesterday's press conference & PLAY我呸 MV, Jolin had to play some games, and selected fans were able to ask questions to Jolin herself over the phone!

Three signing sessions for 呸 PLAY have also been announced:

11/16 (日) 13:00 Taipei - Ximending Cinema Street
11/23 (日) 14:30 Kaohsiung - Dream Mall Times Square
11/23 (日) 18:30 Taichung - SOGO Department store

Don't forget to check as well her schedule in the menu above!

呸 PLAY pre-orders are officially starting today, covers have been revealed:


Actress version        |       Medusa version

呸 PLAY will be released on November 15th.

Pre-order 呸 PLAY

Actress version

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Medusa version

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