Picture from Myself World Tour (2010-2013)

We finally have some information about the upcoming Tour:

- Jolin is working with a foreign team that includes dancers and choreographers from Europe and the USA. They will arrive a month before the first concert in May and will stay with her at least for a year
- She has started dance rehearsals
- A 1:1 replica of Taipei Arena's stage has been built at the 鴻臣片場 Hong Chen Film Studio in Taipei
- According to 愛在依林520 FB, in July there will be a concert in Shanghai and in December another one in HK
- Tickets for the first three Taipei dates will be on sale in April
- Promotional poster for PLAY世界巡迴演唱會 PLAY World Tour has been shot in Shanghai.

Concerning Miss Trouble, her agent said there will be an MV for the song on his Facebook... Let's wait and see then ;)