Liberty Times reveals that last month while Jolin was in Cannes (France) for MIDEM, she had a trip during her spare time!

She left Cannes in the morning, went to Nice, then to Italy (the article doesn't mention the city she went to), to Menton (France) and finally to Monaco*.

Basically in Monte Carlo (Monaco) she saw race cars, yachts and helicopters everywhere, a woman wearing a huge diamond ring, a puppy wearing a fur coat... Jolin declared that Cannes was a more suitable city for her, which she describes as a "laid-back city".

In Italy Jolin expected to see handsome men but there were mostly old people there, she was very disappointed!

The second picture has been taken in Monte Carlo (Monaco), and the third one in Menton (France).

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*Monaco is a city-state and Monte Carlo not really a city but a ward, but they were described in the article as being a country and a city.