So the press conference was yesterday! It seems that Jolin might collaborate with Jean-Michel Jarre on his Oxygen project? According to another article I've read it will be confirmed by Wednesday at the press conference held before the Taiwan Night... So wait and see.

Jolin is staying at Hôtel Majestic Barrière in Cannes. She did not expect to meet fans in Europe but some Chinese fans tracked her to the restaurant where she was eating to ask for an autograph! Jolin might stay in Cannes until Wednesday (day of the Taiwan Night concert) before leaving to Paris.


Jolin arrived on Saturday which was the day of the NRJ Music Awards, so she declared at the press conference yesterday with a smile "I wanted to walk on the red carpet, but I wasn't invited!". The host introduced her as "the Asian Madonna", she said shyly that there was only one Madonna. Jolin also expressed that she hoped that the Western music industry will recognize and understand the charms of Chinese pop music. Iggy Strange Dahl, Dr Jolin's co-composer, also attended!

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