Posted on several Chinese forums today, it's supposed to be the real tracklist.

01. 美人计 Trick of the Beauty
02. 玩爱之徒 Love's Pupil
03. 派大星 Patrick Star (This is the Chinese name for the starfish from Spongebob)
04. 无言以对 Speechless
05. 小伤口 Small Wound
06. 七上八下 Sixes and Sevens (Means to be in an unsettled state of mind)
07. 即时生效 Effective Immediately
08. 黑发尤物 Black Hair Stunner
09. 娘子汉 Lady Han (?)
10. 解散爱 Dismiss Love

According to the description, there are actually 15 tracks in this, 10 songs & 5 interludes.

The first three tracks are dance songs.

Speechless & Small Wound are ballads. The first one is supposed to be a R&B love song.

Sixes and Sevens, Black Hair Stunner and Lady Han are all fast tracks, so I suppose that Dismiss Love is a ballad.

Translation: pommy48@AHS