The album is not called "vogueing" anymore...
Jolin was tired of the criticism made by the media, because they said in every article that "vogueing" doesn't exist, the title should have been "voguing" and so on.
They said as well on the first promo pictures that she looked like Buzz Lightyear but that's another story XD
As a result the album seems to be called Myself now, preorders in Taiwan still begin tomorrow. Release date is still the same on the official site & sites like 5music, G-Music for the moment. Its Chinese name is
蔡依林Myself概念專輯2010 (Jolin, Myself concept album 2010).
It seems to be true because "vogueing" (the name, not the album) has been removed from the news where they announced the album on Jolin's official site (same goes for album's info on 5music, YesAsia & G-Music).

Other changes:

now it's written "JMODERN" on the headphone (click to enlarge).


New "Myself" pics:

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New pics of Benny Ninja with Jolin:

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EDIT: preorders in Taiwan are postponed to July 22nd.

Preorder "Myself" on YesAsia!

Version A with headphone

Version B with bag

Version C with photobook