26 avril 2016

Jolin attends a Cartier and a Giuseppe Zanotti event!

Cartier's annual jewelry exhibition in Taipei (April 18th) Jolin revealed during that event that PLAY World Tour will end in July. Afterwards she will take a little break and then she will start working on the new album.  Giuseppe Zanotti event in Shanghai (April 21st) http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/uH1XbxsE4wQ/
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12 avril 2014

Jolin attends Cartier event, talks about new album

It was yesterday in Taipei! Several stars attended such as Tiffany Hsu, Ariel Lin, Vanness Wu, JJ Lin... About the new album, according to Nownews Jolin revealed that recording will start soon, and that she hopes to release it this summer (the last report I read mentioned September... which is still summer >_<). Jolin sings a -very small- part of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars HERE. Jolin interviewed by journalists Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery!
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19 janvier 2014

Jolin visits Cartier exhibition in Paris, France

This week Jolin was in Paris and went to Cartier exhibition "Cartier : le Style et l'Histoire" ("Cartier: Style & History") at the Grand Palais. Jolin wanted to see the crowns, she likes indeed the history of old nobility. She also learned that Cartier has done clothing and bags besides jewelry! Click on the pictures below to enlarge!  She also posted a picture on her Instagram on January 15th (click to enlarge): By the way, my hopes are crushed, Jolin was just in Paris for a magazine photoshoot...
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13 février 2012

Jolin inaugurates a Cartier store in Taichung

Sorry if I didn't post this earlier, I've had huge problems with my Internet connection. Anyway Jolin inaugurated this Cartier store on February 7th! Click on the picture to access the gallery.
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