Nothing new has been told yesterday aside from the fact that 呸 PLAY concert (December 7th) will be streamed live on QQ.

Sam Chen (aka Chen Ze-Shan), Warner's CEO, offered her a Jolin hipster doll printed in 3D ;)

Starting from 20:06, you'll see a VCR featuring blessings from JJ Lin, Cheer Chen, Ruby Lin, Wyman Wong, actress Kuei Ya-Lei, William Wei, Carina Lau and Namie Amuro for the new album's release!



Jolin also had a couple of radio interviews for the past few days, here are the most important parts. Thanks a lot to Caroline Chong for translating!

About the "Celebration" concert and Miss Trouble:
Jolin will be singing all the songs from her new album during the new album concert on December 7th. All you need to bring to enter the concert is your support! 
Jolin has hired a teacher to learn Opera! Jolin wishes to perform opera, however her teacher urged her to practice for another 2 - 3 years!

About I'm not Yours, the collaboration with Namie Amuro:
"After deciding to work together with Namie Amuro, we started throwing demos to each other. However, I wasn't satisfied with the demo produced by Namie's studio because I've produced similar quality songs on my end. Hence, I'd decided to show my demo to Namie and surprisingly both her and her company liked it. Initially she wasn't going to sing any Chinese lyrics in the song, as she was afraid her pronunciation wouldn't be good. After some communicating, I've received a sample of her singing Chinese and I almost knelt down."

Jolin has also revealed that she had previously prayed that Namie will be able to sing Chinese. As for the MV shooting, Namie was happy with the director's script. However, she was in a rush so she didn't have the time to prepare for the actual dance, but there will still be some slight dancing. The MV is expected to be released in January 2015. As for further collaborations with Namie, it will be highly dependent on the responses for this current collaboration.