Jolin shot an MV for Real hurt (小傷口)! She revealed this yesterday and today on her Twitter.

We already have a promo pic for Take immediate action MV (即時生效)! Whoohoo seems to be in the MV. The MV theme is "party"!


Small MV recap:

We already have MVs for

-Honey Trap (美人计)
-Love Player (玩爱之徒)
-Nothing left to say (無言以對)

We are waiting for these MVs

-Butterflies in my stomach (七上八下)
Take immediate action (即時生效)
-Real hurt (小傷口)
-Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物)

These songs don't have an MV yet

-Party Star (派大星)
-Macho babe (娘子漢)
-Let's break up (解散愛)