Thanks a lot to pommy48@AHS for this translation!!!

1/The main hit of the song with the popular electronic dance style "Honey Trap"
Composed by England's Danielle Senior and remix producer Scott Wild.
Lyrics written by 崔惟楷 and created by 陈天佑
This is Jolin's first time to try out the electronic style and the first time to sing the lyrics by "talking".
2/ Missed call (interlude)
Personally planned by Jolin, she made it come after Honey Trap's self-love concept to Missed call's situation of being in a difficult spot when it comes to love.
3/ The strong hit of the album with the heavy melody "Love player"
The Chinese version of European dance love songs.
Produced by Lars Quang for an all new original track.
It's not only Jolin's favorite and the music genre that she wants to try the most "dance style ballads"
4/ Secret talk (interlude)
Continuing the atmosphere of Love player, men and women who has been hurt emotionally and maybe you're hiding in your house quietly healing your wounds...
5/ Party Star
Produced by Lars Quang, it's another all new original song
It's with the concept of "the brightest star in a party" that will become the all new happy and fresh "Party Star".
During the production and composition of this song, Jolin gave a lot of opinions to make the song. The song is modeled after the effect of a live performance and it's a very interesting song that you can see all kinds of Jolin's imagination!
6/ Let’s start the dance (interlude)
Carefully planned by Jolin to pay respect to voguing dancers and senior artists!
7/ Black-haired beautiful girl
Blonde hair isn't interesting but we have the black-haired Jolin Tsai!
Written by J-Hot who once wrote songs for the KinkiKids, this song is to point out the specialness of Asian girls!
8/ Nothing left to say
Written by the people who wrote Agent J, this is the R&B-urban pop ballad especially made for Jolin.
This is also Jolin's first time to try a genre like this.
Jolin spent a lot of time on the lyrics, melody, and the atmosphere of the song
9/ L'amour est parti (interlude)
From Nothing left to say to "Real hurt", love has something that you can only experience yourself.
In the middle of creating it, Jolin thought of some French and use the romantic foreign language to convey the message that there are some things in love that you just can't explain and you need to experience it yourself.
10/ Real hurt
Produced by 马毓芬, lyrics written by 饶善强 and arranged by the Golden Melody winning MARTIN TAN
This is the song that Jolin carefully chose, favorite and most interesting song.
This small wound that no one notices only gets bigger over several months and corrodes the relationship between 2 people and corrodes love.
11/ Macho Babe
Written by the famed Jo Hyun Chul who once wrote "ONLY YOU" for Rain, this is a dance track especially made for Jolin!
There's a very playful rap that's full of attitude in the song.
This song represents the modern women who's beautiful and independent. She's confident and brave. She can be very masculine, but she's still gentle.
12/ Butterflies in my stomach
When singing this song, Jolin was able to pick up the tone of a very sexy feeling and it's a dance track that makes people want to get up and move!
And what's special is that Jolin's dog's name "Woohoo" is also in the song during an important refrain, so it's very fresh and interesting!
13/ Let's break up
Let's break up is the slowest song in this album.
It's a ballad that you have to slowly appreciate the sadness in it.
14/ I love you too (interlude)
When on the subject of love, Jolin wants to go back to the simplest and purest love!
15/ Take immediate action
The sweetest ever for Jolin, this is the newest single from the album.
It's the purest, feel of younger feelings, sweetest, and happiest track from the album.
The melody will make people unconsciously want to dance along with it.