19 octobre 2012

MUSE IN LIVE available for preorder on iTunes Taiwan

It's called on iTunes "MUSE IN LIVE (Deluxe version)", and contains MUSE and the Celebration concert (audio version): LINK. 01. 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great Artist02. Dr. Jolin03. 迷幻/Mi Huan/Fantasy04. 十三號星期舞/Shi San Hao Xing Qi Wu/Friday the 13th05. Beast06. 柵欄間隙偷窺你/Zha Lan Jian Xi Tou Kui Ni/Spying On You Behind The Fence07. 彩色相片/Cai Se Zhao Pian/Color Photos08. 詩人漫步/Shi Ren Man Bu/Wandering Poet09. 有人/You Ren/Someone10. 馬賽克/Ma Sai Ke/Mosaic11. 我/Wo/I12. 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great Artist (Live)13.Beast (Live)14. 彩色相片/Cai... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2012

iTunes Store opening in several Asia-Pacific Territories including Taiwan + Jolin's Fans Club Facebook page opening

Good news, Taiwan has now its own iTunes Store: Here's Jolin's page! jolin.info, Jolin's Fans Club's official site has now its official Facebook page! Click on the picture below to access it:
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