10 mai 2015

Jolin is once again showing her support to the LGBT community with PLAY for LOVE

Bandage stickers designed by Jolin and some of her friends/co-workers will be sold at Taipei Arena on the days Jolin will perform (May 22nd to May 25th). These stickers are a healing symbol, they're saying to gay people who are fighting for equality and for marriage that they should not give up. This campaign is called "PLAY for LOVE"!All proceeds will go to charity and will be used to promote equal rights and gay marriage.
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06 mai 2015

PLAY Word Tour: tickets for Shanghai on sale + Namie Amuro coming at the Taipei dates in May (?)

Tickets for Shanghai's concert (July 18th) are now on sale on these sites: http://www.228.com.cn/ticket-66001831.htmlhttp://item.damai.cn/81798.html If you are searching for PLAY World Tour dates, it's HERE. Concerning Namie Amuro, a few days ago she was at the Chanel Resort Show in Seoul, and when asked about PLAY World Tour, she confirmed her attendance at one of the concerts in late May in Taipei! But she didn't say if she was going to perform or not... Jolin's agent only confirmed that they invited her, but he... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2015

Jolin attends adidas' adigirls Beauty Force Training Camp press conference

This press conference has been held two days ago in Taipei! Pictures Videos More videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/nagootv/search?query=20150427+%E8%94%A1%E4%BE%9D%E6%9E%97
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06 mars 2015

Check out Jolin's performance as Juliet at the National Theater and Concert Hall of Taipei!

The full performance has been revealed today! Theater director 蔡柏璋 Pao-Chang Tsai also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY on stage with high heels. If you haven't seen the teaching lesson video, click HERE.
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05 mars 2015

Jolin attends the opening of a COACH store in Taipei

It was yesterday at Taipei 101! Pictures   Video
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04 mars 2015

Jolin collaborates with theater director Pao-Chang Tsai!

Jolin has portrayed Juliet (from Romeo & Juliet of course) at the 國家兩廳院 National Theater and Concert Hall of Taipei!This is a collaboration with theater director 蔡柏璋 Pao-Chang Tsai.She's considering adding this challenge to the upcoming Tour... Pao-Chang Tsai also took up a challenge: he had to perform PLAY我呸 PLAY on stage with high heels! Promotional pictures   Today we got a glimpse of a teaching lesson (subbed in English).In the first part, Jolin tries to teach him PLAY我呸 PLAY's choreography, and in the second... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2015

rePLAY DELUXE INTERNATIONAL EDITION: signing session in Taipei + PLAY Tour coming in May!

It was yesterday and she performed I'm Not Yours and 電話皇后 Phony Queen! Performances Pictures Jolin announced during this event that 呸 PLAY Tour will start in Taipei in May with three dates: May 22nd, 23rd and 24th! Tickets will be on sale at the end of March. Buy 呸 PLAY國際豪華版 rePLAY DELUXE INTERNATIONAL EDITION CD+DVD 5music | books tw | YesAsia | iTunes worldwide
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17 décembre 2014

Jolin at adidas Running EXPO event

It was yesterday in Taipei. Pictures Video
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23 novembre 2014

呸 PLAY first signing session in Taipei!

Jolin performed PLAY我呸 and 第三人稱 The Third Person And I live!呸 PLAY also ranked first on no less than 109 charts of Asia [physical sales rankings, digital sales, radio rankings, streaming sites (YouTube, QQ, YinYueTai) and ringtones' downloads]!呸計畫 PLAY program is also set to start on November 27th on YouTube and QQ at 8:00 pm (Taiwan time). Performances PLAY我呸 第三人稱 The Third Person And I More videos HERE. Pictures
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30 septembre 2014

Jolin at Samsung Galaxy Note 4 press conference

It was today in Taipei! Some pictures:
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