06 mars 2011

Jolin draws on a bag for a charity event

Huang Zijiao, a famous TV host, started a charity event for kids. He invited a lot of celebrities in the entertainment business from Japan & Taiwan to help out with this event. The stars would sign and decorate a bag. He first mentioned the idea of this event to Jolin and Jolin immediately agreed and started to draw on the bag (see pic above). The event will be held in Taipei on March 24th. Thanks a lot to pommy@alan international for translating ^^
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27 juillet 2010

[EDIT] Trick of the Beauty (美人计) MV!

Learn Trick of the Beauty choreography! & finally small MV making Preorder Myself on YesAsia Version A with headphone Version B with bag Version C with photobook
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15 juillet 2010

Album's photoshoot making & Preorders gifts

We have infos about the preorder gifts! 1st version: who I amCD + [JVOGUE] headphone (limited to 10,000 copies) Size: 17.5 x18.5 x7.5cm 2nd version: what I want J-STYLE collaged multi-purpose bag (limited to 10,000 copies)Size: 45x39x9cmCan support a weight of 12kg 3rd version: where I belong [Wet-Hot-Heat] mini-photobook Size: 40x30cm24 pages And the photoshoot's making:
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14 juillet 2010

VOGUE release date: 08/03!!

Preorders will begin on July 20th!The album "蔡依林vogueing同名專輯" ("Jolin let's vogueing") will come in 3 versions: 1st version: "who I am"album + white [VOGUE] headphone (pic posted by Jolin herself) 2nd version: "what I want"album + [JSTYLE] collaged multi-purpose bag3rd version: "where I belong"album + [Wet-Hot-Heat] mini-photobook And pics from the album photoshoot...
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11 juillet 2010

VOGUE previews

The shortest previews ever leaked yesterday XDPreviews for 2 songs are here, their titles haven't been revealed.         Source: jolinfansAnd Ze-Shan, Jolin's manager, revealed a song's title. One of the songs in VOGUE is called 小伤口 (Small Wound)! So for now we have 3 titles: 小伤口 (Small Wound) 美人計 (Trick of the Beauty) 即時生效 (Effective Immediately)
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09 juillet 2010

[EDIT2] Jolin's sister wedding & the new song's broadcast

Jolin's sister wedding was today and Jolin was her bridesmaid! She sang Accompany with me (我的依赖) from the album Butterfly for her sister, Cai Min-Wen (Jo) & her brother-in-law (Jerry). She posted pictures of her on her official Weibo & her Twitter (on the second pic she's with Maggie, a friend of hers who is a singer as well): And a picture posted by Jolin's manager, he said that her performance of Accompany with me was very moving!   EDIT: Pictures from media this time EDIT 2: her performance of... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2010

MV shooting (2nd part)

Jolin was spotted in the streets of Seoul the day she shot the first MV for the new album!She was seen at Seoul Tower with a black bra & black leather pants. And later in Seoul suburbs she was wearing a mini short with stockings & a green bra.The song has "electronic rhythm" in it. And this MV is for the title track!It seems that we'll have more infos about the album by mid-July. I can't wait!! Source: G-music
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05 juillet 2010

Welcome to the J-Game!

Hi and welcome to Jolin Jeneration! First of all, special thanks: This layout was made by melly, the picture comes from Levi's 2010 campaign shoot ♥ Thanks a lot to her!And thanks to Gkone for helping me in this blog's creation! Well, your Jolin source is now officially opened ^^
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