03 décembre 2011

Jolin at Jian Shu-Ling (makeup artist)'s wedding

It was yesterday in the evening, Jolin attended the wedding at Sheraton Hotel in Taipei. We can see at the same time that Jolin dyed her hair.
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31 octobre 2011

Jolin at Selina's wedding

Selina is a member of the Taiwanese girl band SHE. Lots of stars attended her wedding banquet -they only did the banquet because Selina can't stand for too long- at Sheraton Hotel in Taipei. Aside from Jolin, you could see Dee Hsu, Wang Leehom, Wilber Pan, Kevin Tsai, her bandmates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien... Click on the picture to access the photo album (I included a pic of the bride & her groom too).
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19 juin 2011

Jolin attends a wedding part II: HQ pics & new video

As I said HERE Jolin attended a friend's wedding yesterday. We have HQ pics & a new video! Ariel Lin attended too, she was the bride's maid of honor. You can see her in the video and on some of the pics. In the video you can hear Namie Amuro's song Can You Celebrate. Jolin offered them champagne from Paris as a wedding gift.
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18 juin 2011

22nd Golden Melody Awards & wedding

In the end Jolin didn't win the "Best Music Video" award with Honey Trap MV, HEBE did with her song 寂寞寂寞就好 (Ji Mo Ji Mo Jiu Hao). Jolin didn't attend the ceremony and went to the wedding of her friend Lee Yi instead. Lee Yi is a Taiwanese actor.
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08 mai 2011

Jolin at Stefanie Sun's wedding banquet

It was today, and we have some pics~ It seems that Jolin brought her boyfriend Vivian Dawson (3rd pic) to the wedding banquet, but the picture has been deleted from the Weibo account, so we just have a "blurry" version. We can see on the pics Lee Wei Song (pics come from his Weibo, he's a songwriter), Ze-Shan (Jolin's manager & Warner CEO)... Bride & groom pics Jolin gave a HERMES bag to Stefanie as a wedding gift.
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03 mai 2011

Jolin will attend Stefanie Sun's wedding

According to xinmsn, Jolin will attend Stefanie Sun's wedding! Jolin & Stefanie are indeed very good friends, they've known each other for years. They recently had an interview together where they talked about love. Stefanie Sun will get married on May 8th in Singapore, a day after Jolin's concert. I wonder if Jolin will post pics like she did with her sister... Jolin with Stefanie Sun during an interview in April 2011
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09 juillet 2010

[EDIT2] Jolin's sister wedding & the new song's broadcast

Jolin's sister wedding was today and Jolin was her bridesmaid! She sang Accompany with me (我的依赖) from the album Butterfly for her sister, Cai Min-Wen (Jo) & her brother-in-law (Jerry). She posted pictures of her on her official Weibo & her Twitter (on the second pic she's with Maggie, a friend of hers who is a singer as well): And a picture posted by Jolin's manager, he said that her performance of Accompany with me was very moving!   EDIT: Pictures from media this time EDIT 2: her performance of... [Lire la suite]
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