25 janvier 2011

GAP: caps from the official site, pics & BTS videos

The first video is Jolin & Usher only, in the 2 others you can see Jolin, Usher, and the celebrities who take part in this campaign.Aside from Usher & Jolin this new "Let's GAP together" campaign involves Barry Levinson x Johnnie To, and Annie Leibovitz x Wing Shya.
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24 janvier 2011

GAP: Jolin & Usher in a much bigger size

I found my new wallpaper XD The new GAP campaign will officially be launched on January 27th.
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22 janvier 2011

GAP: promo pic in the streets

The new campaign with Usher & Jolin should be revealed by next week. For now, enjoy these pics ^^ According to the source on baidu these pics have been taken on Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
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10 janvier 2011

Endorsement news: GAP (Usher), Mengniu, China Life...

According to Apple Daily, Jolin already shot a CF for China Life, 2 CFs for Mengniu Sour Yoghurt, a Pepsi & a Head&Shoulders CF.I already posted about Mengniu HERE yesterday, but we have new promo pics today. Concerning GAP, we have a new pic of Jolin with Usher.It seems that he wanted her to go to nightclubs with him after the shooting, but Jolin refused since she was too tired because of jetlag.More details about the GAP campaign HERE.
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09 janvier 2011

GAP: shoot with Usher

I told you 3 months ago that Jolin went to New-York for a few days HERE. Now, we know why!She did a photoshoot for GAP for 3 days with Usher! The campaign is called "Let's GAP together". 'Let’s GAP Together' features western and eastern celebrities. Usher & Jolin's pics will be used for the Spring-Summer collection. This campaign has been launched in November 2010 with celebrities like Liu Wen & Chanel Iman, or Zhou Xun & Philippe Cousteau Jr (Jacques Cousteau's grandson) to celebrate the opening of GAP stores in... [Lire la suite]
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