11 septembre 2012

MUSE: Jolin's appearance in 大学生了没/University

It's a Taiwanese variety show ^^ Jolin recorded this on August 30th, it has been broadcast today. Enjoy! MUSE will be released on September 14th! Preorder it HERE.
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30 novembre 2011

Jolin @ Fu Jen Catholic University Anniversary Gala

This college in New Taipei is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Jolin received an "Outstanding student award" (she graduated from this college 9 years ago) from President Bernard Li. This award exists since 1973 it seems and Jolin is the youngest "student" ever to have received it. She also performed several songs: Honey Trap, Rewind and Sun Will Never Set!
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25 avril 2011

Jolin shoots a new MIX-BOX commercial

Jolin went today to Beijing Geely University supposedly to shoot a new MIX-BOX CF. Some students took pics:
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26 février 2011

A group of students shoots their own version of "Taiwan Heartbeat"

Everything is in the title! A group of students from Fu Jen Catholic University decided to shoot their own version of Taiwan Heartbeat, the song sang by Jolin and chosen for the Taiwan Pavilion last year at Shanghai World Expo. Wu Ya Ting, the director, said that they wanted to convey to foreigners the original impression of Taiwan. By the way Fu Jen Catholic University also happens to be the college where Jolin graduated. Jolin's version Their version
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