15 janvier 2014

Jolin is in Paris!

Yesterday a Chinese fan spotted her at a Chanel store, and today Jolin posted these 2 pictures on her Instagram: In the first one she's in front of the Grand Palais! We don't know why she's in Paris at the moment. By the way it might be a coincidence (I don't think it is though), but MUSE's marketing, creative, image & art director Jimmy Chou is right now in Paris as well... So in my opinion Jolin is in Paris for work.
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06 août 2013

Jolin in London (part II), gets inspired for her upcoming album scheduled for 2014

Jolin went to see Les Misérables (the musical) in London, she was shocked to see that one of the characters, Fantine, was played by a Korean actress: "It turns out that Asians can also stand on the international stage, sing and act for foreigners to listen!" The day after she bought the original book by Victor Hugo. She also made an "Internet homework list" of musicals that includes The Phantom Of The Opera, The Drowned Man, The Book Of Mormon, War Horse and Billy Elliott. Since musicals are inspiring her, it's been reported... [Lire la suite]
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