02 août 2010

Tracklist confirmed by CiaoMobile.com

Myself's tracklist seems to be confirmed! This site doesn't show the song's order though.5 interludes are listed with the 10 songs. And their names are in English and even in French! Interludes Missed Call (Interlude)Secret Talk (Interlude)Let's Start The Dance (Interlude)L'amour est parti (Interlude) (it means "Love is gone")I Love You Too (Interlude) Songs 美人計 玩愛之徒 派大星 无言以对 小傷口 七上八下 即時生效 黑髮尤物娘子漢解散愛 Source: ciaomobile.com
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20 juillet 2010

Myself: Official tracklist!

The tracklist I posted earlier (see here) has been confirmed for the most part by Ze-Shan, Jolin's manager! So I think it's safe to say that this is official. Small Wound & Effective Immediately are just destined to be sold digitally as ringtones it seems. So Small Wound won't be the album's main ballad. It will surely be Speechless. I remind you that according to the previous source, the album is made of 10 songs & 5 interludes.(Songs mentioned by him on his Weibo are in italic & underlined) 01. 美人计 Trick of the... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2010

[Rumor] vogueing tracklist

Posted on several Chinese forums today, it's supposed to be the real tracklist. 01. 美人计 Trick of the Beauty 02. 玩爱之徒 Love's Pupil 03. 派大星 Patrick Star (This is the Chinese name for the starfish from Spongebob) 04. 无言以对 Speechless 05. 小伤口 Small Wound 06. 七上八下 Sixes and Sevens (Means to be in an unsettled state of mind) 07. 即时生效 Effective Immediately 08. 黑发尤物 Black Hair Stunner 09. 娘子汉 Lady Han (?) 10. 解散爱 Dismiss Love According to the description, there are actually 15 tracks in this, 10 songs & 5 interludes. The... [Lire la suite]
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