24 août 2012

Myself World Tour passport + collaboration with Tina Craig from Bagsnob

If you buy this tour passport (link HERE), you get a stamp for each concert you attend.You will also receive a heart light stick and you'll be eligible for a drawing for tickets to her Taipei concert(s) in December 2012, a signed album, or a signed poster.        Jolin met Tina Craig, the founder of Bagsnob last year (post HERE), they both love fashion. Tina Craig travels a lot to Europe and the United States and as a consequence often gives all kinds of information about fashion to... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2011

Jolin meets Tina Craig (陈尚婷)

AppleDaily made these 2 meet. Tina Craig was born Taiwanese but lives now in Dallas (USA) with her husband, David Craig, and their son. She's a fashion expert & designer and the co-founder of BagSnob, a famous blog giving reviews about bags (more details HERE). She and Jolin have "a lot" in common, they love to eat "Western food", Tina's husband is a businessman from Dallas, Jolin's boyfriend is foreign as well. Tina according to the article talked a lot from the beginning til' the end. She showed to Jolin pics of her son,... [Lire la suite]
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