02 décembre 2013

Jolin at Taishin Bank VIP Night in Taipei

Yesterday her performance was more like a mini-concert o_O Click on the songs below to access the fancams! 1. 大藝術家/The Great Artist2. 天空/Sky3. 詩人漫步/Wandering Poet4. Dr.Jolin5. 日不落/Sun Will Never Set6. 聽說愛情回來過/Love rumoured to have come back7. 倒帶/Rewind8. 舞娘/Dancing Diva9. 愛情的騙子+愛情恰恰+舞女*10. 野蠻遊戲/Wild Game11. 愛無赦/Bravo Lover *Taiwanese songs she sang in Kaohsiung last April Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery!
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