24 décembre 2015

Watch Jolin's performance with 潘瑋柏 Will Pan / Wilber Pan (from upcoming DVD 王者歸來 Return of the King)!

Singer 潘瑋柏 Will Pan / Wilber Pan is releasing a DVD tomorrow featuring his Taipei Arena concert from January 2015. Jolin's guest appearance is included in it, and his YouTube channel shared it today!
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20 mai 2015

Jolin's nominations at the 26th Golden Melody Awards!

She's the artist who got the most nominations! If you know nothing about the GMA, it's HERE. Best Song of The Year AwardPlay我呸 PLAY (呸 PLAY) Best Mandarin Album Award呸 PLAY Best MV AwardPlay我呸 PLAY (呸 PLAY)不一樣又怎樣 We're All Different, Yet The Same (呸 PLAY) Best ProducerAndy/唇語 Lip Reading (呸 PLAY)Starr Chen/Play我呸 PLAY (呸 PLAY) Best Arranger AwardStarr Chen, NESE/Play我呸 PLAY (呸 PLAY) Best Album Packaging AwardAaron Nieh/呸 PLAY Best Vocal Recording Album Award呸 PLAY The ceremony will be held at Taipei Arena on June 27th.
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10 mai 2015

Jolin is once again showing her support to the LGBT community with PLAY for LOVE

Bandage stickers designed by Jolin and some of her friends/co-workers will be sold at Taipei Arena on the days Jolin will perform (May 22nd to May 25th). These stickers are a healing symbol, they're saying to gay people who are fighting for equality and for marriage that they should not give up. This campaign is called "PLAY for LOVE"!All proceeds will go to charity and will be used to promote equal rights and gay marriage.
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15 avril 2015

Watch Jolin's guest performance at aMEI's Utopia World Tour!

Jolin was aMei's guest performer yesterday at Taipei Arena, they performed 我知道你什麼都不要 I Know You Don't Want Anything (我知道你很難過 I Know You're Feeling Blue + 原來你什麼都不要 So You Don't Want Anything) and Bad Boy! Pictures Besides this, concerning Jolin's PLAY World Tour, the 11,000 tickets for May 25th have been sold in only 6 minutes today... Jolin's agent said that they can't add more dates at Taipei Arena so they are thinking of adding another one in Kaohsiung. He also teased on his Weibo that a new song will be performed at the... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2013

Jolin, guest performer at JJ Lin's concert yesterday at Taipei Arena

She sang 記得/Remember and 馬賽克/Mosaic with JJ Lin! News report with 記得, Mosaic and Hebe from S.H.E (she was in the audience in the VIP area) Mosaic Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery!
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04 juillet 2013

Koobee Mobile (promo pics) & details about Jolin's upcoming performance at the Golden Melody Awards

Check out the new Koobee Mobile promotional pictures! Jolin's performance will mobilize 25 dancers and a 13 strings orchestra! Songs will be rearranged. Jolin also asked to her Hong-Kong stylist Tomas at least 3 sets of clothing! Jolin is nominated in four categories: Best Music Video (The Great Artist), Album of the Year (MUSE), Best Female Singer and Song of the Year (The Great Artist). The 24th Golden Melody Awards will be held at Taipei Arena on July 6th.

15 juin 2013

Jolin attends Sodagreen's TAKE ME HOME concert in Taipei

It was today at Taipei Arena as part of their "walk together" tour! Deserts Xuan, Kenji Wu, Janine (Chang), Rainie Yang and Angela Chang also attended.  Check the pictures below, Jolin sent flowers as well: Wu Tsing-Fong from Sodagreen wrote Fantasy's lyrics and wrote and composed Color Photos, Spying On You Behind The Fence for MUSE.
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24 février 2013

Jolin attends Namie Amuro's concert at Taipei Arena

Yesterday Jolin attended Namie Amuro's concert at Taipei Arena, she also sent flowers: It's been reported that Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Wu Qing-Feng from Sodagreen, Fish Leong and Eddie Peng among others were there as well!
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06 janvier 2013

Jolin's special appearance at Show Luo's concert in Taipei

For Show Luo's last concert at Taipei Arena, Jolin performed a Show Luo song 精舞門, while Show performed The Great Artist/大藝術家! Then they did some kind of dance battle. The video is quite hilarious: Show tries to kiss Jolin but she keeps trying to run away ; at the end he asks her if she has a boyfriend, Jolin plays dumb and says goodbye to the audience while Show keeps harassing her and tries to kiss her again! Jolin and Show Luo have been very good friends for years! Fancam Click on the picture to access the photo album... [Lire la suite]
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24 décembre 2012

Myself World Tour: Taipei, 2nd day

Ashin from Mayday was there as a special guest yesterday! He revealed after the performance that he didn't know where to look since Jolin's outfit was quite... revealing. They sang 志明與春嬌 (from Mayday's first album) and 墓仔埔也敢去 (from Dancing Forever)'s choruses together. According to Jolin's outfit by the way I think this duet took place during the Sky/Wandering Poet part... Jolin also said that Myself World Tour's final concert will be held in Kaohsiung on April 13th! Click on the songs to access the fancams! 美人計/Honey... [Lire la suite]
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