09 mars 2014

Jolin at Intel Taiwan's concert + some info about the new album

-The concert was yesterday, Jolin sang seven songs! 大藝術家 The Great Artist, 舞孃 Dancing Diva, 詩人漫步 Wandering Poet, 倒帶 Rewind, 無言以對 Nothing left to say, 日不落 Sun Will Never Set and Dr.Jolin! Full performance Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! -About the new album: Jolin will produce it herself, she has been taking Music Production courses for more than six months now. Jolin's agent, Tom Wang, declared that Jolin wanted a better understanding of her own voice and know... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2012

Info about the upcoming album

This comes from 悦己SELF June (check pictures HERE)! -Jolin has recorded 6 songs so far for the album. -The theme for Myself made Jolin look like a Superwoman, but for this new album, Jolin is just a passionate woman who craves love. Jolin isn't someone who wants a whirlwind romance. She just wants simple love. Thanks to pommy@alan-international for translation If you missed this, previous news about the new album: - A British singer and a Korean photographer will participate in the album (post HERE). -Warner's CEO... [Lire la suite]
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04 avril 2012

A British singer...

will participate in Jolin's new album! We don't know who yet, it has been revealed in VOGUE Taiwan (April issue)! Other than that, it just says that the album will be released this summer, but we know that already.
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21 mars 2012

EDIT: Jolin will be Taiwan's Ambassador for London 2012 Summer Olympics

Today was London 2012 Summer Olympics press conference in Taipei (the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee is based in Taipei). Jolin will support Taiwan's champions. They expressed their gratitude towards their mother (it's some kind of campaign, you can see on the pics "Thank you, mom" on the wall) and Jolin was moved. Jolin said that she's very grateful to her mom, who's always supporting her in silence and has a great sense of humor regarding serious issues, she's her "spiritual pillar". Jolin showed as well her skills at badminton... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2012

Autograph session today in Chengdu for Jolin's book 养瘦+album in preparation

So it was today at 4:00 PM (Chinese time). Most of the fans were already there at 2:00 PM and sang Sun Will Never Set's chorus since it's sunny today in Chengdu. After her arrival Jolin shared beauty and slimming tips and signed books as well. Aside from that, reporters asked her what she's been doing lately, since we barely saw her at public events. Jolin answered that it was because she was (and is still) preparing her new album scheduled for this summer. Source: ent.news.chengdu.cn Click on the picture to access the other... [Lire la suite]
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14 janvier 2012

Jolin at autograph session for her book 养瘦 & new album info

It was today in Chongqing! Click on the picture to access the gallery. Fancam When asked about her upcoming album, Jolin answered that they plan to release it this summer. So far away >_< Summer begins in June we can still hope a release during that month (no I'm not trying to convince myself lol). I have the awful feeling it will be released in August like Myself.
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11 novembre 2011

New album: a release before summer 2012

Warner's CEO, Chen Ze-Shan, said not so long ago that he wanted to release Jolin's new album in March 2012. He might have realized that it wouldn't be possible after all, because yesterday he posted this on his Weibo after someone asked him news about Jolin: In the end, they're still collecting demos and the album will come out before next summer. Still collecting demos >_< Source: Chen Ze-Shan's Weibo Thanks a lot to pommy@alan-international for translating
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22 juin 2011

Jolin's book: first promo pic & release date

Today we got a promo pic for Jolin's upcoming book about dietetics. According to books.tw it will be released on July 13th! Here's its title: 養瘦: Jolin能吃能睡又能瘦的健美飲食調養法. It has 224 pages and contains advices from Jolin about losing weight and how to stay thin as well. Quick Summary of the text available on books.tw (thanks to pommy@alaninternational): [Jolin will teach you to "eat, sleep, and still be skinny" tips for your daily life. She talks about how her sister slimmed down 1 month after giving birth. Jolin actually has a fat... [Lire la suite]
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