17 janvier 2016

Jolin attends Lee Wei Song, Lee Si Song 30th anniversary concert "Love Rumoured To Have Come Back"!

Jolin performed four songs on stage in Beijing yesterday: Setlist 聽說愛情回來過 Love Rumoured To Have Come Back feat. 孫燕姿 Sun Yanzi/Stefanie Sun, 梁詠琪 Gigi Leung, 彭佳慧 Julia Peng假面的告白 Fake Confess最終話 The Finale檸檬草的味道 The smell of lemongrass 聽說愛情回來過 Love Rumoured To Have Come Back: Jolin covered this song written and composed by Lee Si Song -originally performed by Sandy Lam- for 唯舞獨尊 Dancing Forever.假面的告白 Fake Confess: from Magic (看我72變) album, composed by Lee Wei Song.最終話 The Finale: from Dancing Diva (舞孃) album, composed... [Lire la suite]

08 mai 2011

Jolin at Stefanie Sun's wedding banquet

It was today, and we have some pics~ It seems that Jolin brought her boyfriend Vivian Dawson (3rd pic) to the wedding banquet, but the picture has been deleted from the Weibo account, so we just have a "blurry" version. We can see on the pics Lee Wei Song (pics come from his Weibo, he's a songwriter), Ze-Shan (Jolin's manager & Warner CEO)... Bride & groom pics Jolin gave a HERMES bag to Stefanie as a wedding gift.
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03 mai 2011

Jolin will attend Stefanie Sun's wedding

According to xinmsn, Jolin will attend Stefanie Sun's wedding! Jolin & Stefanie are indeed very good friends, they've known each other for years. They recently had an interview together where they talked about love. Stefanie Sun will get married on May 8th in Singapore, a day after Jolin's concert. I wonder if Jolin will post pics like she did with her sister... Jolin with Stefanie Sun during an interview in April 2011
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