01 septembre 2013

Jolin at Spring Festival Gala 30th anniversary in Changsha + 100,000 visitors mark reached

Yesterday she sang The Great Artist, Rewind and Sun Will Never Set! The Great Artist + Rewind Small part of Sun Will Never Set Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! I just wanted to thank all of you because I noticed this morning that my fanblog hit the 100,000 visitors mark!! I never thought it would go this far when I started so thank you, always, for your support!

22 janvier 2012

2 Spring Festivals for Jolin yesterday!

These were not live but recorded broadcasts. She's singing Honey Trap and Sun Will Never Set in both of them. The 1st one is Jilin TV's broadcast. Jolin recorded it on December 28th. Click on the pictures to access the gallery! The 2nd one is Liaoning TV's broadcast. Jolin recorded it on January 6th.
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