07 mars 2013

Jolin at Whisper event in Guangzhou

Jolin went today to Guangzhou University City to attend the event held by Whisper. She answered as well to some questions asked live on Weibo! Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! By the way a special site has been opened by Whisper for their new campaign with Jolin: http://www.whisper.pps.tv.
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03 novembre 2011

7-11 headphones lottery, special site & Jolin introduces the headphones

7-11 opened a special site for the headphones' campaign. http://www.openopen.com.tw/event/11dream/ There will be a lottery too from November 2nd to January 8th. You have to buy headphones, you'll find a scratchcard inside. Then you must collect the words "我" "愛" "招" "財" "貓" in order to get the prizes. You can win Cold Stone coupons too. A promo pic posted by 7-11's Weibo: Jolin introduces the headphones (is it me or does she look tired in this video?)
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