28 février 2013

Jolin at Hydron's annual meeting

Yesterday Jolin sang in Shanghai several songs including The Great Artist and Sun Will Never Set. Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! Fancams The Great Artist Sun Will Never Set
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12 septembre 2012

MUSE: songs credits

MUSE is available digitally today on sites like iTunes Taiwan, KKBOX, QQ, myMusic and so on, so we have the songs' credits! 1. 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great ArtistLyrics: Yan YunnongComposers: Robin Jessen, Anna Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic, Ronny Svendsen, Charite Viken Reinas, Eirik Johanson, Alexander Puntervold2. Dr. JolinLyrics: Peggy HsuComposers: Strange Dahl Sten Iggy, Johan Moraeus, Christoffer Wikberg3. 迷幻/Mi Huan/FantasyLyrics: Wu Tsing-Fong (Sodagreen)Composers: Mikko Tamminen, Mechels Udo, Boomgaarden Rike4. 十三號星期舞/Shi... [Lire la suite]
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06 août 2011

First info about the new album

Jolin's manager, Chen Ze-Shan, answered on Weibo to some questions about Jolin's new album. July 10 He said here that the new album's title has been decided. August 5 He said here that they're receiving songs (demos?). And if there are any other good news, he'll tell us. So the new album is already on the tracks! Thanks a lot to pommy@alaninternational for translating these posts.
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20 août 2010

Infos about Myself promo songs

Somebody on baidu showed the album's credits. And Take immediate action will have an MV!And CNN China revealed that there will only be 6 original MVs in the album.So these songs only will have an original MV: 美人計 / Honey trap 玩愛之徒 / Love player無言以對 / Nothing left to say七上八下 / Butterflies in my stomach即時生效 / Take immediate action 黑髮尤物 / Black-haired beautiful girl
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08 août 2010

Myself: song's description

Thanks a lot to pommy48@AHS for this translation!!! 1/The main hit of the song with the popular electronic dance style "Honey Trap" Composed by England's Danielle Senior and remix producer Scott Wild. Lyrics written by 崔惟楷 and created by 陈天佑 This is Jolin's first time to try out the electronic style and the first time to sing the lyrics by "talking". 2/ Missed call (interlude) Personally planned by Jolin, she made it come after Honey Trap's self-love concept to Missed call's situation of being in a difficult... [Lire la suite]
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