06 août 2012

Upcoming album: choreography rehearsals and MV shooting for Jolin last week!

Last week, Jolin rehearsed a choreography for a new MV with French choreographer Yanis Marshall and assistant Erwan Sands (I talked about it HERE).  Check the picture below, it has been taken on the first day of rehearsals (Jolin wasn't there on that day). Choreography in high heels!! The week ended with the MV shooting!   Jolin's album will be released on September 14th. By the way, don't forget Jolin's concert in London! Tickets will be on sale starting from August 17th!
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30 juillet 2012

Jolin's next MV will be choreographed by...

a French choreographer called Yanis Marshall! He mentioned it on his official Twitter account: Translation "CDG (Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport) - Destination Taipei Taiwan. To choreograph Jolin Tsai's next MV!! #Happy #LoveMyJob #Bitches" You can visit his site and read his biography HERE. Erwan Sands, a French dancer, will assist him! Translation "CDG (Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport) - Destination Taipei Taiwan. To assist Yanis Marshall, choreographer for Jolin Tsai's next MV !! !!" Jolin's album is scheduled for... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2012

[EDIT: pics from Paris] Upcoming album: album shoot and MV filming in Paris for Jolin

A few days ago, Jolin left Taiwan for France where she shot another MV but also had the album photoshoot done. An international team built up to create the "JOLIN J-ART" style: people from Paris, London, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Taiwan among others participated. The album concept is Jolin's first attempt to "mix" pop music and pop art look. The pictures below are the first set of promo pictures to be revealed. In four days NTD 8 million (218 809€ or $266 947) have been spent in Paris! Outfits have been made by London-based... [Lire la suite]
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13 juillet 2012

[EDIT] Upcoming album: 1st MV shooting done

Jolin shot this MV in two days! We have some pics: the first one comes from Jolin's Weibo, the second one from a passer-by (this picture has been taken at Kaohsiung MRT East Station), and the last one from a dancer who appears in the MV. Click on the pictures to enlarge. EDIT: OMG another pic has been shared by didi30042854@G-Music forum! The album is scheduled for mid-September.  
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21 octobre 2011

New CF shooting for 7-11!

Jolin has been spotted yesterday while shooting a 7-11 CF! We have pics and a video: 
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03 mai 2011

Jolin shoots a new MIX-BOX commercial Part IV

Pics again thanks to Gwart blogbus! More pics on the forum This CF is supposed to be revealed in June.
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18 octobre 2010

Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) MV shooting!

A rumor said that Jolin was going to shoot this MV in Shanghai on October 18th, and it seems to be confirmed!Today Jolin left a message on her Weibo that said     [早安上海 (Good morning Shanghai)   今天 07:01] And a woman who acts in the MV, princesschenpan (her Weibo usename) posted pics from the set ^^ Jolin is wearing in the MV according to sources at least 2 sets of clothes: a yellow skirt and a black feather cape, and a black and white skirt suit.
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17 juillet 2010

EDIT: Download 美人計 CD Version HQ + Shooting new MV!

DOWNLOAD 美人計 (TRICK OF THE BEAUTY) HQ And Jolin posted on her Weibo that she shot a new MV yesterday! I wonder for which song it was...
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14 juillet 2010

Jolin shot an MV for 黑髮尤物, China's Got Talent insert song

Jolin shot an MV in Shanghai for 黑髮尤物 (Black Hair Stunner) (preview here), the China's Got Talent insert song on July 12th.We have pictures of the shooting!!!
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07 juillet 2010

MV shooting (2nd part)

Jolin was spotted in the streets of Seoul the day she shot the first MV for the new album!She was seen at Seoul Tower with a black bra & black leather pants. And later in Seoul suburbs she was wearing a mini short with stockings & a green bra.The song has "electronic rhythm" in it. And this MV is for the title track!It seems that we'll have more infos about the album by mid-July. I can't wait!! Source: G-music
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