30 décembre 2012

Watch Jolin's performance at Hunan TV New Year's Eve concert live!

It will start tomorrow at 7:30 pm China time, Jolin is supposed to sing a medley made of Agent J, The Great Artist, Dr Jolin and Say I Love You! It seems that she will perform a "Michael Jackson dance tribute" as well? (the one she's doing since the Taipei concerts from last week) You can watch the concert online thanks to THIS link (works only on IE and Firefox) or just download TVU Player. Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery showing Jolin during rehearsals! EDIT: HQ streaming link ... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2012

Jolin injures herself during rehearsals

On December 20th Jolin injured herself during rehearsals for her Taipei concerts (held today and tomorrow). She fell from one meter high and suffered some minor injuries including "nerve injuries", as a consequence her left foot and hand are numb and she can't hold the microphone properly. Jolin still wants to proceed with the rotating pole stunt but it might be pushed to the second day of the concert. She posted on her Weibo "Don't stop, never give up" (reference to Don't Stop that she released in the early days of her career).... [Lire la suite]
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20 décembre 2010

Myself World Tour: rehearsals

Jolin is rehearsing quite hard, her teachers are demanding and ask her to remember complicated dance steps & movements, she even has to work on her expression while dancing and so on... She has bruises and got a back injury :/Hope Jolin will be fine!!! Her World Tour begins in 4 days *_* Jolin with her dance teacher Andre Fuentes (click to enlarge)Jolin rehearsing her songs for the Tour (click to enlarge)
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14 novembre 2010

[Streaming] Nothing left to say (無言以對) & Take immediate action (即時生效) choreography rehearsals

Videos showing Jolin rehearsing for Nothing left to say & Take immediate action MVs leaked. You can see Whoohoo as a guest star in the Nothing left to say video XD
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