25 juin 2012

Upcoming album: 15 songs recorded already!

Jolin started recording in early June, and according to her agent, she already recorded 15 songs! But she's expected of course to choose only 10. Her agent stated as well that Jolin is very implicated in the album's production, she's giving ideas for the music, MVs, and even the album's shoot.   Jolin's new album is scheduled for September.
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21 juin 2012

Upcoming album: Jolin teases us on her Facebook

Preparations for the album are going smoothly... In the morning Jolin is recording songs and in the afternoon/evening she's doing dance rehearsals. Today Jolin is teasing us by saying this on her Facebook: 今天錄的歌 非常特別 我很興奮。。。很想趕快讓你們聽到 看看你們的反應 哈哈哈。。。。 Google Translation The song I recorded today is very special. I am very excited... I want to let you hear it quickly to see your reaction Ha ha ha.... I wonder what she means by "special"...  Jolin's new album is scheduled for September.
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05 juin 2012

Recording for the new album has -really- started

Jolin posted a few minutes ago on her Weibo that she began recording. So previous reports by the media or magazines saying that she already recorded some songs were fake. "真的開始錄音了 。。。。" Google Translation "Really started recording...."
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30 mai 2012

Jolin interview: info about the new album

Jolin is saying in this video that the album should be released in August. She'll try new genres in it. The dances are still being choreographed! Right now she's practicing dance at least 3 to 4 hours a day. _____________________________________ Jolin had an interview with mingpao.com on May 5th at Yamaha Cuxi's concert, but the site only revealed it today. At some point Jolin is talking about the new album: ->There will be music that her fans like but she will also bring something new to everyone. ... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2012

Info about the upcoming album

This comes from 悦己SELF June (check pictures HERE)! -Jolin has recorded 6 songs so far for the album. -The theme for Myself made Jolin look like a Superwoman, but for this new album, Jolin is just a passionate woman who craves love. Jolin isn't someone who wants a whirlwind romance. She just wants simple love. Thanks to pommy@alan-international for translation If you missed this, previous news about the new album: - A British singer and a Korean photographer will participate in the album (post HERE). -Warner's CEO... [Lire la suite]
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