02 octobre 2013

Myself World Tour DVD press conference: teaser, previews, packaging

So many things shown today! Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery. Teaser Previews Honey Trap, Pulchritude, Black-haired beautiful girl, Butterfly, The Great Artist I Pole dance Packaging Swarovski crystal-inlaid box Inside packaging: photo cards (there are 30 of them) Don't forget to preorder! Preorder on 5music Preorder on G-Music Preorder on Warner TW official store Preorder on books.com.tw Preorder on YesAsia
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09 septembre 2012

MUSE: full album preview

MUSE is available for preorder on iTunes Canada and previews are already up! I didn't include 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great Artist and 詩人漫步/Shi Ren Man Bu/Wandering Poet since we already have them. Enjoy! You can preorder MUSE HERE. It will be released on September 14th.
27 août 2012

MUSE: 詩人漫步/Wandering Poet 90s preview

The drama you can see in the video is a Korean drama airing in Taiwan on GTV from August 20th to September 25th called "Take Care of Us Captain" (拜託了,機長 in Chinese). Jolin's song is used for the Taiwanese broadcast only of course. It's not the first time that one of Jolin's songs is used for the Taiwanese broadcast of a Korean drama, 即時生效/Take immediate action was "東森原來是" ("You're Beautiful")'s theme song. MUSE will be released on September 14th. Preorder ir HERE!!
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31 octobre 2010

[Streaming] Black-haired beautiful girl MV previews

Jolin went to a Taiwanese show called 完全娱乐 (Complete Entertainment), and they showed a LOT of previews from Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) MV. I compiled them into one video.
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06 août 2010

Myself previews & 玩愛之徒 Love player MV broadcast

You can hear previews for the following songs in the video:  派大星 Party star   黑髮尤物 Black-haired beautiful girl   無言以對 Nothing left to say    娘子漢 Macho babe    七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach    解散愛 Let’s break up 玩愛之徒 Love player MV will be broadcasted on 08/09 on MTV Taiwan, at 2pm!!
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11 juillet 2010

VOGUE previews

The shortest previews ever leaked yesterday XDPreviews for 2 songs are here, their titles haven't been revealed.         Source: jolinfansAnd Ze-Shan, Jolin's manager, revealed a song's title. One of the songs in VOGUE is called 小伤口 (Small Wound)! So for now we have 3 titles: 小伤口 (Small Wound) 美人計 (Trick of the Beauty) 即時生效 (Effective Immediately)
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