26 mars 2011

Jolin in Malaysia Part II

Other pic from MY FM Other pics & video from the press conference
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25 mars 2011

[EDIT] Jolin in Malaysia

Jolin began her promo rally for the Asia leg of the Tour! She's in Malaysia for the weekend. Today she did an interview at MY FM (radio station) and attended the press conference for the Tour. Jolin at MY FM Jolin at the press conference
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16 février 2011

China Life Insurance: press conference & official 2011 CF

At the beginning of the year we got 2 China Life Insurance CF (check HERE). People were actually invited to vote for their favorite on Facebook until February 15th.Results have been revealed yesterday so we have the official CF ^^ And lots of pics too from the conference!The CF will be released on DVD, it's the first time ever that China Life Insurance does that for a commercial. Click on the picture to see the other pics from the press conference DVD + Calendar Wallpapers Poster Press conference's video CF ... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2010

Myself World Tour 2010-2011 press conference

Jolin held a press conference since preorders for her first concerts have begun yesterday (you can see the promo poster HERE by the way). It seems that nothing very important has been revealed, except that Jolin has not begun rehearsing yet since Myself promotion in Asia took most of her time recently.
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07 septembre 2010

[Pics] Jolin at a press conference

Jolin came back from Beijing and attended a press conference today. She talked about her album, the Voguing competition (finals will be held on September 11th & Jolin will be there by the way) among other things. She advertised Levi's too as you can see below! She looks like Rainie Yang on those pics o_O
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