25 septembre 2013

[EDIT] Myself World Tour DVD release on October 19th!

Finally! Preorders will start on October 2nd. This is her most complete concert DVD release since her debut! After seeing pictures of herself doing pole dance in Kaohsiung, Jolin felt not completely satisfied with her performance and decided to rehearse hard, you can see the result in the promo pictures (see below). The concerts used for this release are the "Taipei Encore" concerts, held at Taipei Arena in December 2012. It will include 2 DVD (1 DVD for the concert and 1 for some behind the scenes). 5music revealed the title of a... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2012

MUSE: album tracklist

Thanks to iTunes Taiwan, we already have the album's tracklist! Tracklist 1. 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great Artist 2. Dr.Jolin 3. 迷幻/Mi Huan/Fantasy 4. 十三號星期舞/Shi San Hao Xing Qi Wu/Friday the 13th 5. Beast 6. 柵欄間隙偷窺你/Zha Lan Jian Xi Tou Kui Ni/Spying On You Behind The Fence 7. 彩色照片/Cai Se Zhao Pian/Color Photos 8. 詩人漫步/Shi Ren Man Bu/Wandering Poet 9. 有人/You Ren/Someone 10. 馬賽克/Ma Sai Ke/Mosaic 11. 我/Wo/I 12. 大藝術家 - 舞藝雙全版 The Great Artist - Dance Version (Bonus... [Lire la suite]
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05 août 2012

[EDIT] Jolin's upcoming album: second batch of promo pictures, release date and title song air date

First of all, these pictures have also been taken in Paris, at the "Musée des Arts Forains" ("Museum of Fairground Art"). It's the first time that a foreign singer was allowed to have a shoot in their Museum! So the staff has been very cautious, they didn't even dare to touch the walls, fearing they would damage the antiques. Jolin's mom was there as well it seems. Click on the pictures to enlarge.      EDIT: pics in higher resolution added, check HERE. Stylist Chen Shao-Yen designed the outfit after hearing... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2011

[EDIT] Jolin's book 養瘦: Jolin, press conference & inside pics

Today was the press conference for the book which release is scheduled for July 12th in Taiwan. Jolin attended, and she celebrated the fact that preorders reached the 50,000 mark! EDIT: Inside pics If you want to know Jolin's advices on losing weight, there's only one thing to do: preorder. But be careful, it's of course in Chinese! Preorder Yang Shou :Jolin Neng Chi Neng Shui You Neng Shou De Jian Mei Yin Shi Diao Yang Fa on YesAsia
05 novembre 2010

[Pic] Promo poster Myself concerts

Preorders for Jolin's concerts on December 24th & 25th in Taipei Arena are beginning today. We have the promo poster! It looks gorgeous *_*
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20 juillet 2010

New release date: Myself, August 10th

It's official now, Myself will be released on August 10th. Warner posted pics: we can see Jolin with the headphone and with the bag! We have now the album CF as well: Version A with headphone Version B with bag Version C with photobook
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19 juillet 2010

[EDIT] New album's title: Myself

The album is not called "vogueing" anymore... Jolin was tired of the criticism made by the media, because they said in every article that "vogueing" doesn't exist, the title should have been "voguing" and so on. They said as well on the first promo pictures that she looked like Buzz Lightyear but that's another story XD As a result the album seems to be called Myself now, preorders in Taiwan still begin tomorrow. Release date is still the same on the official site & sites like 5music, G-Music... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2010

New song to be revealed on 07/14!!!

Jolin just posted on her official Twitter that a song from the album, called 美人計 (Trick of The Beauty), will be revealed on July 14th, so next Wednesday!! And according to her, preorders for the album will begin on July 20th!
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