22 août 2011

Taiwan Beer event: "Jolin's personal paparazzi Jolin贴身狗仔大 募集"

Another Taiwan Beer event again. Seriously it's almost like they're doing one every month XD This new event began today and will end on September 19th. People have to take a picture when they see a Taiwan Beer poster somewhere with Jolin on it, and send it. They will be able to enter a lottery and win gifts: -"Top paparazzi award" 10 Taiwan Beer boxes -"Excellence award": movie tickets -"Super fight paparazzi award": random gifts
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29 juillet 2011

Fans steal Taiwan Beer posters at night?!?!

Since Jolin became the spokesperson for Taiwan Beer, their sales increased by 20%. Taiwan Beer even printed more than 10,000 different Jolin posters. This one for instance, where she's barefoot, is limited at 500 copies. And it has been found that at night fans were stealing posters! Tomorrow Jolin will be the finale at the Taiwan Beer concert. Her "show" will last 30 minutes!
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14 août 2010

[Pics] Myself CD Only version

Booklet pics! Lyrics booklet pics! (The back cover is actually the lyrics booklet) CD Posters given with Myself preorder version in Malaysia
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