10 mai 2015

Jolin is once again showing her support to the LGBT community with PLAY for LOVE

Bandage stickers designed by Jolin and some of her friends/co-workers will be sold at Taipei Arena on the days Jolin will perform (May 22nd to May 25th). These stickers are a healing symbol, they're saying to gay people who are fighting for equality and for marriage that they should not give up. This campaign is called "PLAY for LOVE"!All proceeds will go to charity and will be used to promote equal rights and gay marriage.
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07 mai 2015

PLAY World Tour: info about setlist, outfits, choreographies

Tickets for the concert in Beijing (July 11th) are on sale now, and thanks to this we have more info about the Tour: → Concerning choreographies and costumes, it's the first time Jolin is collaborating with an international team. The designer has already worked with Beyoncé and Katy Perry (I wonder if the costumes have been designed by The Blonds...) -→ The Tour will convey the album's concept, that life is a stage. According to Jolin, we experience different roles in life, and even if we don't play the one we wanted, we can still... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2015

PLAY Word Tour: tickets for Shanghai on sale + Namie Amuro coming at the Taipei dates in May (?)

Tickets for Shanghai's concert (July 18th) are now on sale on these sites: http://www.228.com.cn/ticket-66001831.htmlhttp://item.damai.cn/81798.html If you are searching for PLAY World Tour dates, it's HERE. Concerning Namie Amuro, a few days ago she was at the Chanel Resort Show in Seoul, and when asked about PLAY World Tour, she confirmed her attendance at one of the concerts in late May in Taipei! But she didn't say if she was going to perform or not... Jolin's agent only confirmed that they invited her, but he... [Lire la suite]
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12 avril 2015

PLAY World Tour: Jolin's dance rehearsals in LA Behind-the-scenes + ticket sales!

Jolin came back yesterday from a 2-week dance training in Los Angeles! Rehearsals were starting at 8:00 am with 12 elite dancers from all around the world, and it could last to 14 hours a day. Some songs will be re-choreographed to surprise fans, Jolin has been learning 25 choreos!   News report w/ PLAY我呸 PLAY and 野蠻遊戲 J-Game (aka Wild Game) By the way, maybe you already heard about it, but rumor has it that Japanese singer Namie Amuro might be the first guest performer of the Tour... Jolin's agent, Tom... [Lire la suite]
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30 mars 2015

PLAY World Tour: more info and first promo pic!

2015 PLAY世界巡迴演唱會 PLAY World Tour tickets for the Taipei dates (May 22nd, 23rd and 24th) will be on sale starting from April 12th at noon via 7-11 ibon!The cheapest ticket will cost TWD$500 (14,71 € or USD$15.95) and the most expensive one TWD$4,500 (132,38 € or USD$143.57). Yesterday Jolin flew to Los Angeles for a 2-week dance training!The concerts will be directed by American dance teacher Travis Payne and his partner Stacy Walker. The Tour's staff is composed of people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, UK, USA, France,... [Lire la suite]
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22 février 2012

PLAY World Tour: Tour dates

Tour dates 2015 05/22 Taipei Arena - Taipei (Taiwan)05/23 Taipei Arena - Taipei (Taiwan)05/24 Taipei Arena - Taipei (Taiwan)05/25 Taipei Arena - Taipei (Taiwan)07/04 Guangzhou International Sports Arena - Guangzhou (China)07/11 Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium - Beijing (China)07/18 Mercedes-Benz Arena - Shanghai (China)07/25 Singapore Indoor Stadium (Singapore)09/04 Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre - Changsha (China)09/19 Tianjin Sports Centre - Tianjin (China)09/26 Chongqing... [Lire la suite]
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