06 mars 2015

Check out Jolin's performance as Juliet at the National Theater and Concert Hall of Taipei!

The full performance has been revealed today! Theater director 蔡柏璋 Pao-Chang Tsai also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY on stage with high heels. If you haven't seen the teaching lesson video, click HERE.
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04 mars 2015

Jolin collaborates with theater director Pao-Chang Tsai!

Jolin has portrayed Juliet (from Romeo & Juliet of course) at the 國家兩廳院 National Theater and Concert Hall of Taipei!This is a collaboration with theater director 蔡柏璋 Pao-Chang Tsai.She's considering adding this challenge to the upcoming Tour... Pao-Chang Tsai also took up a challenge: he had to perform PLAY我呸 PLAY on stage with high heels! Promotional pictures   Today we got a glimpse of a teaching lesson (subbed in English).In the first part, Jolin tries to teach him PLAY我呸 PLAY's choreography, and in the second... [Lire la suite]
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