04 juillet 2013

Koobee Mobile (promo pics) & details about Jolin's upcoming performance at the Golden Melody Awards

Check out the new Koobee Mobile promotional pictures! Jolin's performance will mobilize 25 dancers and a 13 strings orchestra! Songs will be rearranged. Jolin also asked to her Hong-Kong stylist Tomas at least 3 sets of clothing! Jolin is nominated in four categories: Best Music Video (The Great Artist), Album of the Year (MUSE), Best Female Singer and Song of the Year (The Great Artist). The 24th Golden Melody Awards will be held at Taipei Arena on July 6th.

22 mai 2013

Jolin nominated in 4 categories at the 24th Golden Melody Awards!

So Jolin is nominated in 4 categories at the 24th Golden Melody Awards: -Song of the Year: The Great Artist -Album of the year: MUSE -Best Female Singer -Best MV: The Great Artist Her last nomination for Best Female Singer, which she won, was in 2007! Jolin in New York Jolin is right now in New York, she said she was very happy, she put a lot of effort into completing MUSE. It was inspired by her life and she likes the songs in it, she's glad that everyone likes it. Ceremony will be held in Taipei on July 6th!