04 mai 2016

Jolin attends the Met Gala (aka Met Ball) in New York!

It was on May 2nd. She was wearing a Marc Jacobs dress!
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19 février 2016

Jolin attends Marc Jacobs' Show at New York Fashion Week

Jolin has been invited to sit in the front row at this event. Here's some pictures of her including some with Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga! Bonus: video with Lady Gaga.
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20 janvier 2015

Watch 唇语 Lip Reading MV!

This MV has been filmed in New York! Plot: Jolin is a cold-blooded black widow/ruthless Femme Fatale. She seduces three men and kills them... Directors: Edwin Eversole & Thomas Wyatt If you are waiting for I'm Not Yours MV, it will most probably be the next one since a repackage is supposed to be released in early February... Buy 呸 PLAY 5music | books tw | YesAsia | iTunes worldwide
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25 octobre 2014

Pre-order new album 呸 PLAY now!

You can choose between 2 pre-order versions: 玩劇女伶版 Play Drama Actress version - Photoshoot in New York by Serbian photographer Marko Krunic - Clothes by The Blonds - Gift: 48-page photobook Photoshoot making Pre-order 呸 PLAY 玩劇女伶版 Play Drama Actress version 5music | books tw | YesAsia   絕呸美杜莎版 Absolutely Play Medusa version - Photoshoot in Hong Kong by HK photographer Wing Shya - Handmade 美杜莎 Medusa jumpsuit by Versace - Gifts: Whoohoo mask + 24-page photobook Photoshoot making ... [Lire la suite]
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23 septembre 2014

Jolin, spokesperson for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 + MV shooting in New York

So Jolin is going to endorse Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but also Samsung Gear S! Promo pics have been revealed: A press conference will be held in Taiwan on September 30th.  Jolin went to New York from September 17th to September 23rd for the album's photoshoot but also to film a new MV (most likely for the title song)! Her Creative and Art director, Jimmy Chou, shared some pictures on his Weibo: Jolin's upcoming album will be released in mid-November.
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18 septembre 2014

Jolin in New York?! + 電話皇后 Phone Star leak

Jolin will spend the week in New York, she arrived yesterday with her staff. She's there for the new album's photoshoot according to chinatimes, but according to baidu she will shoot a new MV as well... And! 電話皇后 Phone Star leaked by mistake on Chinese site kugou.com today. It's the theme song of 唯舞獨尊 DX We Dancing DX, a Taiwanese game! It was supposed to be released at the end of September/early October in the first place. Anyway it has been revealed that it was not the title song.
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30 mai 2013

Jolin is back in Taiwan

Jolin left New York yesterday afternoon after taking classes there for a week. Contrary to what has been said in China Times Weekly, she didn't take Advanced Placement courses but acting classes! In New York these classes focused on solidifying basic skills: breathing, body, voice, yoga, spiritual improvement and so on. In July she will fly to London to take six weeks of acting classes! On her spare time she would stroll in the streets, one day a French photographer asked if he could take pictures of her and she agreed. Check the... [Lire la suite]
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