01 janvier 2016

Watch Jolin's full performance at Jiangsu TV's New Year's Eve Concert + Happy New Year!!!

Jolin performed several songs yesterday at this concert: I'm Not Yours, 大丈夫 Real Man, Dr Jolin, 日不落 Sun Will Never Set and PLAY我呸 PLAY! Full performance Starting from 51:20 Pictures I also wanted to wish you a very happy New Year!!! May 2016 be way better than 2015 for you and your loved ones!
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30 décembre 2012

Watch Jolin's performance at Hunan TV New Year's Eve concert live!

It will start tomorrow at 7:30 pm China time, Jolin is supposed to sing a medley made of Agent J, The Great Artist, Dr Jolin and Say I Love You! It seems that she will perform a "Michael Jackson dance tribute" as well? (the one she's doing since the Taipei concerts from last week) You can watch the concert online thanks to THIS link (works only on IE and Firefox) or just download TVU Player. Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery showing Jolin during rehearsals! EDIT: HQ streaming link ... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2012

[EDIT: HD] Jolin at New Year's Eve concert in Guangzhou

Jolin was yesterday at a New Year's Eve concert in Guangzhou, she sang five songs: 七上八下/Butterflies in my stomach, 看我七十二變/Watch my 72 changes, 舞孃/Dancing Diva, 美人計/Honey Trap, 日不落/Sun Will Never Set! Click on the picture to access the gallery! Honey Trap rehearsals EDIT: HD version added Full performance
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