26 avril 2016

Jolin attends a Cartier and a Giuseppe Zanotti event!

Cartier's annual jewelry exhibition in Taipei (April 18th) Jolin revealed during that event that PLAY World Tour will end in July. Afterwards she will take a little break and then she will start working on the new album.  Giuseppe Zanotti event in Shanghai (April 21st) http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/uH1XbxsE4wQ/
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28 février 2016

No album release this year for Jolin...

Jolin revealed a few days ago it seems that her new album won't be released this year. It was predictable though since she didn't even start to work on it. But despite her busy schedule, Jolin doesn't forget the new album. She often finds inspiration in her work.Note: Jolin also said during 動物方城市 Zootopia's press conference last Monday that work on the new album is supposed to start in the second half of this year. Fans were expecting the new album to come out before the end of the year since it will be 2 years since PLAY,... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2013

Tickets for Kaohsiung sold out in 18 minutes, no new album before 2014

Tickets for the Tour's last concert in Kaohsiung went on sale yesterday, 12,000 tickets sold out in 18 minutes! It's Jolin's first concert ever at Kaohsiung Arena. Jolin promised to sing a song in Taiwanese to thank the fans. Many fans asked for another date but Jolin's agent declared they decided not to add one and that the concert in Kaohsiung on April 13th will be the last for Myself World Tour. He also added that Jolin will work hard this year to produce a new album that is expected to be released in early 2014.
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05 juin 2012

Recording for the new album has -really- started

Jolin posted a few minutes ago on her Weibo that she began recording. So previous reports by the media or magazines saying that she already recorded some songs were fake. "真的開始錄音了 。。。。" Google Translation "Really started recording...."
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11 mai 2012

Jolin's new album won't be released before...

August >_< Jolin's manager & Warner's CEO Chen Ze-Shan revealed on his Weibo Warner's schedule for their artists' upcoming releases. And it says that Jolin's album will be released in August. "一大早開始瑜珈開始靜心後熱情的創作接下來幾張大片六月郭采潔八月蔡依林十月我最疼的老蕭十二月JJ我那美好的下半年"
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18 mars 2012

Autograph session today in Chengdu for Jolin's book 养瘦+album in preparation

So it was today at 4:00 PM (Chinese time). Most of the fans were already there at 2:00 PM and sang Sun Will Never Set's chorus since it's sunny today in Chengdu. After her arrival Jolin shared beauty and slimming tips and signed books as well. Aside from that, reporters asked her what she's been doing lately, since we barely saw her at public events. Jolin answered that it was because she was (and is still) preparing her new album scheduled for this summer. Source: ent.news.chengdu.cn Click on the picture to access the other... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2011

New album: a release before summer 2012

Warner's CEO, Chen Ze-Shan, said not so long ago that he wanted to release Jolin's new album in March 2012. He might have realized that it wouldn't be possible after all, because yesterday he posted this on his Weibo after someone asked him news about Jolin: In the end, they're still collecting demos and the album will come out before next summer. Still collecting demos >_< Source: Chen Ze-Shan's Weibo Thanks a lot to pommy@alan-international for translating
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