01 juillet 2012

Upcoming album's meeting + Jolin meets Namie Amuro

On Friday Jolin had a meeting about the upcoming album. Warner's CEO, Chen Ze Shan, posted some pictures on his Weibo! The last one comes from Jolin's official Facebook. On the first picture you can see what appears to be a song's lyrics! Click to enlarge.    Namie Amuro is in Taiwan for 3 days and 2 nights to promote her latest album, "Uncontrolled". 2012 is also her 20th anniversary! She and Jolin met yesterday and went to eat dinner together at W Hotel in Taipei. They did not talk about collaboration. Namie invited... [Lire la suite]
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13 août 2011

[EDIT] Book 養瘦: fan meeting

It was today, Jolin answered questions about her book with the assistance of a health teacher. We only have a few pics for now. This post will be edited if we get more pics or videos. EDIT:
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09 juillet 2011

[EDIT: CF] Koobee Mobile: meeting in Shenzhen

First of all they updated their official site with Jolin! And today there was a Koobee Mobile meeting in Shenzhen, Jolin attended. They revealed the CF, I wanted to make some caps but somebody put his/her head right in front of the streaming camera so I couldn't >_< It seems that they're offering some kind of Myself "Koobee version" there. The first pic below is made of caps from the CF. On the pictures you can see most of the Jolin promo posters for Koobee. EDIT: 15s CF
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06 mars 2011

Fan club meeting in Wenling

Yesterday it was in Hangzhou, and today it was in Wenling! We already have some pics. EDIT: She sang the same songs than yesterday. Some more pics~
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06 mars 2011

Fan club meeting in Hangzhou Part II

We have videos today, of the Compromise, Real hurt & Rewind performances. And it seems that she sang Sun Will Never Set too!
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