03 novembre 2011

7-11 headphones lottery, special site & Jolin introduces the headphones

7-11 opened a special site for the headphones' campaign. http://www.openopen.com.tw/event/11dream/ There will be a lottery too from November 2nd to January 8th. You have to buy headphones, you'll find a scratchcard inside. Then you must collect the words "我" "愛" "招" "財" "貓" in order to get the prizes. You can win Cold Stone coupons too. A promo pic posted by 7-11's Weibo: Jolin introduces the headphones (is it me or does she look tired in this video?)
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01 septembre 2011

Taiwan Beer: new lottery... again! "Challenge yourself-Don't fear anything"

This will run from September 1st (today) to September 28th. To enter you only have to give you name, your age, your ID number (so it seems to be only for Taiwanese). They'll announce the winners on Facebook. Prizes: Jolin's signed CD (100 total) Taiwan Beer USB flashdrive (100 total) a karaoke documentary (30 people can go sing during 3 hours in some karaoke place & they will be filmed) (1 total) They created a special site for this once again. Here's some caps & videos. To access this site click HERE.   ... [Lire la suite]
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