26 mars 2015

Watch Jolin's performance at the 2015 QQ Music Awards!

She performed 第三人稱 The Third Person And I, 不一样又怎样 We're All Different, Yet The Same, I'm Not Yours and PLAY我呸 PLAY. http://v.qq.com/cover/s/s9y4lkn4dtxv8it.html?vid=v001620nwjl Jolin also won 3 awards: Best Female Singer (Taiwan), Most Popular Female Singer (HK and TW), and Best Mandarin Album (HK and TW)! An embarrassing incident occurred during the ceremony: Jolin and JJ Lin were both called on stage to receive an award. But shortly after G.E.M got called on stage as well and the young singer performed with JJ Lin while... [Lire la suite]
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10 novembre 2014

Listen to 第三人稱 The Third Person And I!

The song aired today on HitFM! 第三人稱 The Third Person And I Lyrics: Tom Wang Music: JJ Lin 呸 PLAY will be released on November 15th. Pre-order 呸 PLAY Play With The Blonds version 5music | books tw | YesAsia Play With Medusa version 5music | books tw | YesAsia
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06 novembre 2014

New ballad 第三人稱 Third Party coming soon!

The song will air on November 10th on HitFM and the MV will be revealed on November 13th. 第三人稱 Third Party's composer is JJ Lin, the man behind 馬賽克 Mosaic. MV director is Fu Tienyu (我 I MV), and there is also a "deluxe guest star" involved: HK actress Carina Lau! News reports We can hear previews of the song! EDIT: 1 minute preview!
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15 juillet 2013

Jolin, guest performer at JJ Lin's concert yesterday at Taipei Arena

She sang 記得/Remember and 馬賽克/Mosaic with JJ Lin! News report with 記得, Mosaic and Hebe from S.H.E (she was in the audience in the VIP area) Mosaic Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery!
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03 juin 2013

HitFM awards: 4 awards for Jolin!!

Jolin won four awards yesterday: -Top 10 songs of the year (The Great Artist) -Best Female Artist & Most outstanding Chinese music Female Artist in the world -Most respected/praised female singer by the media She also sang The Great Artist and Dr Jolin!  Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! JJ Lin also revealed that Jolin will be the guest performer at his concerts in Taipei in July!
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04 octobre 2012

MUSE: 馬賽克/Mosaic MV making

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