26 août 2011

[EDIT] Myself World Tour in Jiangyin: first pics & first fancams

Nothing important to say except that it took me a billion years to rip these videos on youku (youku hates me today >_< ) Click on the picture to access the photo album. EDIT: it seems that Benny Ninja wasn't there yesterday for voguing. Fancams: Butterfly (花蝴蝶) (Butterfly) Butterfly (花蝴蝶) (Butterfly) 2 Pulchritude (玩美) (Dancing Diva) Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) (Myself) Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) (Myself) 2 Honey Trap (美人計) (Myself) Parachute (降落傘) (Butterfly) Love Love Love (Castle) Rewind (倒帶)... [Lire la suite]
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27 juillet 2011

Myself World Tour: Jiangyin & Nanjing CFs

Jiangyin: August 26th Nanjing: September 17th If you want to check Myself World Tour dates & sites to buy tickets, check HERE, or go in the menu above in "Jolin's latest news" & "Myself World Tour dates".  
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14 juillet 2011

[EDIT: video] Myself World Tour: press conference in Jiangyin

Yesterday it was in Nanjing and today it's in Jiangyin! Jiangyin concert will be held on August 26th. Click on the pic to access the photo album. EDIT: we have a small video (sound is not very good) EDIT 2:
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