29 août 2015

PLAY World Tour: date added in Taipei + Jolin's trip to Japan

Another date in Taipei has been added yesterday, on November 5th! CF  Jolin went to Japan recently to Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum (Tokyo)! She also met Travis Payne, PLAY World Tour's director, to find new ideas for the Tour, and contacted Wyman Wong for new outfits.
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01 juillet 2011

New Day charity t-shirts for Japan: campaign ended

The "New Day: a new day, a new hope, send love to Japan" campaign for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan ended successfully yesterday. More than 30 artists in Taiwan showed their support for this Takashi Murakami campaign, including Jolin of course, Wu Chun from Fahrenheit, Ethan Ruan, Bianca Bai, Fan Fan and so on. And in the end 6,904,000 NTD (167 511€ or 242 104$) have been raised for Japanese Red Cross! The Chinese Red Cross has received the check and will hand it over to the Japanese Red Cross. If you don't... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2011

Jolin supports Takashi Murakami's charity t-shirt

Takashi Murakami, who already worked with Jolin last year for ELLE Taiwan or for the Myself World Tour goodies for instance, did a charity t-shirt called "New Day" for the earthquake & tsunami victims in Japan. It will be sold in Taiwan from April 1st, and Jolin is advertising it! It will be available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL and in 4 colors: white, pink, blue, green.
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20 mars 2011

Jolin draws on a bag for a charity event Part II

Do you remember THIS news? Well now the event will help too the victims of the earthquake & the tsunami in Japan. Other dates have been added:-March 29th in Taipei-April 4th & April 10th in Japan. And we have a pic of the bag!
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19 mars 2011

Jolin's phone call @ "FIGHT & SMILE"

I talked about "FIGHT & SMILE" HERE. Anyway, here's the phone call ^^ Source video: jolin.info BTW if you are interested despite the fact that Jolin is not in it, Believe's MV has been revealed!
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17 septembre 2010

Jolin spotted in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

Jolin was on holiday this week since Warner gave her some days off for her birthday. And it seems that netizens spotted her in Tokyo, and not alone... She has been seen with Vivian Dawson (picture below, click to enlarge), the guy who played her boyfriend in Love Player (玩愛之徒) MV. Rare enough, I found an article in English about it. [Taiwanese Pop Princess Jolin Tsai was recently spotted taking in the sights and sounds of Tokyo with a Singaporean male   Eurasian model Vivian Dawson is one lucky guy. The "tall... [Lire la suite]
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30 août 2010

[EDIT HD] Jolin @ the Hip Hop Festival in Japan

She sang Honey Trap (美人計), Love Player (玩愛之徒) & Nothing left to say (無言以對) (*_*) EDIT Source: jolin.info
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