27 mars 2011

Myself World Tour: HK

There will be a 2nd concert in HK! Tickets will be on sale starting from tomorrow. Tour dates we know at the moment12/24 Taipei Arena12/25 Taipei Arena12/26 Taipei Arena05/07 Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang)05/21 Shanghai (Hongkou Football Stadium)05/28 Beijing (Beijing Worker's Stadium)06/11 Malaysia (Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur)06/17 Zhengzhou (Nautical Sports Centre)06/24 Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong Coliseum)06/25 Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong Coliseum)07/02 Guangzhou (Guangzhou Gymnasium)07/?? Chengdu (Chengdu Sports Centre)... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2011

Jolin spotted in Hong-Kong

Jolin shot ads yesterday in Hong-Kong, she has been spotted in the streets and in the local HMV. Jolin already shot no more than 10 CF since the beginning of the year for a total amount of 664 108€ (856,899$).
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