22 juillet 2012

[EDIT: pics from Paris] Upcoming album: album shoot and MV filming in Paris for Jolin

A few days ago, Jolin left Taiwan for France where she shot another MV but also had the album photoshoot done. An international team built up to create the "JOLIN J-ART" style: people from Paris, London, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Taiwan among others participated. The album concept is Jolin's first attempt to "mix" pop music and pop art look. The pictures below are the first set of promo pictures to be revealed. In four days NTD 8 million (218 809€ or $266 947) have been spent in Paris! Outfits have been made by London-based... [Lire la suite]
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03 décembre 2011

Jolin at Jian Shu-Ling (makeup artist)'s wedding

It was yesterday in the evening, Jolin attended the wedding at Sheraton Hotel in Taipei. We can see at the same time that Jolin dyed her hair.
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