05 juillet 2015

PLAY World Tour: Guangzhou, setlist, pictures and videos!

Some changes in the setlist yesterday... The circular stage is also back for PLAY World Tour's first concert in China. Jolin performed 許願池的希臘少女 The Greek Girl By The Wishing Pond during a talk but the audience sang most of it since she forgot the lyrics ;) Setlist VCR (BGM Gentlewomen)01. 美杜莎 Medusa 02. 大丈夫 Real Man03. 美人計 Honey Trap04. 愛無赦 Bravo lover[Interlude movie]05. I'm Not Yours06. 特務J Agent J07. 花蝴蝶 Butterfly08. Love Love Love 09. 布拉格廣場 Prague Square10. 第三人稱 The Third Person And I11. 獨佔神話 My Own... [Lire la suite]
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14 janvier 2015

Jolin at Superstar Countdown Concert in Guangzhou

Yesterday she performed three songs: PLAY我呸 PLAY, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set! Fancam Pictures
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11 octobre 2014

Jolin at concert in Guangzhou

Yesterday she performed 大艺术家 The Great Artist, 愛無赦 Bravo Lover, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set! Fancams 大艺术家 The Great Artist 愛無赦 Bravo Lover 倒带 Rewind 日不落 Sun Will Never Set Pictures:
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07 mars 2013

Jolin at Whisper event in Guangzhou

Jolin went today to Guangzhou University City to attend the event held by Whisper. She answered as well to some questions asked live on Weibo! Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! By the way a special site has been opened by Whisper for their new campaign with Jolin: http://www.whisper.pps.tv.
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13 janvier 2013

Jolin at Remy Martin VSOP Dance Contest finals

It was yesterday in Guangzhou, Jolin was one of the judges! The winners: Swag Monster Crew Jolin also sang several songs on stage: Agent J, Pretence, Dancing Diva, Rewind, The Great Artist and Dr Jolin. Check the videos below! Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery.
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17 décembre 2012

Myself World Tour: Guangzhou + Taipei Arena movie shooting

It was yesterday! Click on the songs to access the fancams. 大藝術家/The Great Artist玩美/Pulchritude黑髮尤物/Black-haired beautiful girlDr. Jolin美人計/Honey Trap+voguing詩人漫步/Wandering PoetLove Love Love玩愛之徒/Love Player愛情36計/36 Tricks Of Love冷暴力/Tacit ViolenceMedley 天空/Sky+小傷口/Real hurt特務J/Agent JMedley 招牌動作/Signature gesture+大丈夫/Real Man睜一隻眼閉一隻眼/Overlooking purposely倒帶/Rewind無言以對/Nothing Left To Say我知道你很難過/I know you're feeling blue你還愛我嗎/Do you still love me?什麼樣的愛/What kind of love彩色相片/Color Photos馬德里不思議/A Wonder in Madrid說愛你/Say I Love... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2012

[EDIT: HD] Jolin at New Year's Eve concert in Guangzhou

Jolin was yesterday at a New Year's Eve concert in Guangzhou, she sang five songs: 七上八下/Butterflies in my stomach, 看我七十二變/Watch my 72 changes, 舞孃/Dancing Diva, 美人計/Honey Trap, 日不落/Sun Will Never Set! Click on the picture to access the gallery! Honey Trap rehearsals EDIT: HD version added Full performance
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15 novembre 2011

Jolin at Yum! "Managers Annual Meeting" 2011 in Guangzhou

I didn't even know she had this event! It was yesterday and she sang 4 songs: Rewind, Dancing Diva, Sky and Sun Will Never Set. We have a fancam of almost her whole performance. Click on the picture to access the photo album. Yum! Managers Annual Meeting 2011 Fancam
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04 juillet 2011

Myself World Tour: Guangzhou concert recap

Now that I've returned home, let's do a recap of Guangzhou's concert. Fancams Butterfly (花蝴蝶) (Butterfly)Pulchritude (玩美) (Dancing Diva)Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) (Myself)Vogue (Madonna)Honey Trap (美人計) (Myself)Parachute (降落傘) (Butterfly)Love Love Love (Castle)36 tricks of love (愛情三十六計) (Castle)Tacit Violence (冷暴力) (Agent J)Medley Sky (天空) (J-Game)/Real hurt (小傷口) (Myself)Rewind (倒帶) (Castle)Rewind (倒帶) (Castle) + Nothing left to say (無言以對) (Myself)A Wonder in Madrid (馬德裏不思議) (Dancing Diva)Take immediate action (即時生效)... [Lire la suite]
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03 juillet 2011

Myself World Tour Guangzhou: Faye Wong cover

We got the video for her Faye Wong's cover! 給自己的情書 (Faye Wong) I'm not at home this weekend, so I will post other fancams later.
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