19 janvier 2014

Jolin visits Cartier exhibition in Paris, France

This week Jolin was in Paris and went to Cartier exhibition "Cartier : le Style et l'Histoire" ("Cartier: Style & History") at the Grand Palais. Jolin wanted to see the crowns, she likes indeed the history of old nobility. She also learned that Cartier has done clothing and bags besides jewelry! Click on the pictures below to enlarge!  She also posted a picture on her Instagram on January 15th (click to enlarge): By the way, my hopes are crushed, Jolin was just in Paris for a magazine photoshoot...
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15 janvier 2014

Jolin is in Paris!

Yesterday a Chinese fan spotted her at a Chanel store, and today Jolin posted these 2 pictures on her Instagram: In the first one she's in front of the Grand Palais! We don't know why she's in Paris at the moment. By the way it might be a coincidence (I don't think it is though), but MUSE's marketing, creative, image & art director Jimmy Chou is right now in Paris as well... So in my opinion Jolin is in Paris for work.
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22 février 2013

3 countries, 5 cities in 8 hours: Jolin's trip across Europe back in January!

Liberty Times reveals that last month while Jolin was in Cannes (France) for MIDEM, she had a trip during her spare time! She left Cannes in the morning, went to Nice, then to Italy (the article doesn't mention the city she went to), to Menton (France) and finally to Monaco*. Basically in Monte Carlo (Monaco) she saw race cars, yachts and helicopters everywhere, a woman wearing a huge diamond ring, a puppy wearing a fur coat... Jolin declared that Cannes was a more suitable city for her, which she describes as a "laid-back... [Lire la suite]
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28 janvier 2013

[EDIT] Jolin at MIDEM in Cannes

So the press conference was yesterday! It seems that Jolin might collaborate with Jean-Michel Jarre on his Oxygen project? According to another article I've read it will be confirmed by Wednesday at the press conference held before the Taiwan Night... So wait and see. Jolin is staying at Hôtel Majestic Barrière in Cannes. She did not expect to meet fans in Europe but some Chinese fans tracked her to the restaurant where she was eating to ask for an autograph! Jolin might stay in Cannes until Wednesday (day of the Taiwan... [Lire la suite]
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